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Sunday, January 2

So I passed the New Year's here in Cusco. It's a pretty cool little town, loads of tourists though for the whole Machu Picu thing. I'm heading out there tomorrow on the train, as I'm just not into the whole hiking thing. Should be good.

I haven't done so much since I've been in town. I got a bus from Lima to Arequipa. I ended up missing the connecting bus to Cusco so hung out in Arequipa for the day and checked out the convent and some of the colonial buildings. It ended up being quite a lucky break really. Then got the night bus to Cusco. I haven't seen too much of the sites just really have wandered round. Oh and yesterday was a bit of a write off as I didn't wake up til 5pm.

New Years was cool I went down into the square to see it in with some of the people from my hostel. Drinking beer and running round the square with fireworks going off left right and centre. I got some coke but it was god only knows what which was a bummer. Also my wallet got stolen in the crowds but I only had a little cash in there as well I figured I might have a problem holding onto it. We wandered round for ages looking for a nightclub that didn't have a cover charge. Went to the Sofa Bar pretty much after midnight but cruised off with these French guys to look around. Ended the night playing pool in the pub which was really fun and then back to the hostel to drink on the balcony watching the sunrise.

Today I'm looking for my bus ride on the 4th to Bolivia.

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