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Thursday, January 6

So Just call me Lola as I'm now in Copacabana in Bolivia. But not for long as I'm off to La Paz tomorrow.

I left Cusco in my dust and actually did some stuff before I left as well. Machu Picu just absolutely rocks. It is just amazing and has a really excellent vibe to the place. Naturally it just pissed down on the day I decided to go (and hasn't rained since god damn) but after touching some sacred rock and pouring my hopes for a clearer day it amazingly cleared up almost straight away - result. Also checked out some churches and museums in town as well. They really go for all the gilt and dolls on the alters here, it really is crazy and Jesus always has blood pouring off him.

So from Cusco it was the long bus ride to Copacabana via a 2 hour stop in Puno. Lake Titicaca is huge and almost seems like the sea except for the absence of seagulls and that salt smell. I went to Isle de la Sol today which is where the Inca myths all started and did a 3 hour hike across the island, I must be mad. It almost killed me. I am just so unfit. The combination of high altitude, huge hills, millions of steps (although typically the Inca steps were the best on the island) and complications from those injections at Christmas - my arse has gone all hard on that side, can no longer lie down on that side and it is starting to affect my walking and sitting ability made the walk harder than I thought but am hoping the whole thing will clear up soon enough.

The ruins were not that amazing after Machu Picu which is a hard act to follow but the island is lovely if a bit barren. Copacabana has a big church too and a couple of times a day the cars and trucks pull up outside to be blessed which I find a bit freaky considering I'll be on the road with these people tomorrow.

So it is off to La Paz for me.

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